"Hyogo Prefecture takes pride in its hot springs and warm people.
Make the most of your trip to Hyogo Prefecture, where the hot
springs, discoveries and encounters will make for a great time!"

Willow trees stand along the lower reaches of the Otani River, serving as a symbol of Kinosaki Onsen. Cherry blossom trees line Kiyamachi-dori, a street that runs from the Ichino-yu hot spring facility to the upper reaches of the river, as well as Yunomoto St..

In a typical year, the first snow falls in Kinosaki in late December and the town of Kinosaki is fully covered in snow from January to March. The onsen town greets travelers entirely clothed in snow during winter.

Kinosaki Onsen Mikiya

There are approximately 200 three-story, wooden structures (about 80 of them ryokan) within Kinosaki Onsen, and they play an important role in creating the scenery of an atmospheric hot spring town.

Address487 Yushima, Kinosakicho, Toyooka City