At Kinosaki Onsen, visitors leisurely make their way among the seven public baths wearing wooden clogs and yukata. This practice has its origins in the fact that since long ago bathing guests have been entertained by the whole town based on the concept of the inns being guest rooms, the streets being halls connecting the public baths. When you arrive at the onsen, change into a yukata right away and enjoy the public baths to your heart's content.


Satono-yu is located in front of Kinosakionsen Station, and the scenery of the Maruyama River can be seen from its third floor open air bath.


The beautiful hexagonal windows based on the appearance of Genbu Cave is a distinguishing characteristic of this modern building.


This is the smallest public bath at Kinosaki Onsen. Bathing in it is said to help a woman get pregnant.


Ichino-yu is located almost in the center of Kinosaki Onsen and is always bustling with people going from bath to bath.


This bathing facility features a calm, distinguished exterior. Nicknamed "bijin no yu" (beautiful women's bath), it is popular with women.


It is a quiet public bath and the one located most deeply inside Kinosaki Onsen. It is said that bathing in it will bring you happiness.


Mandara-yu has an outdoor bath with big tubs made of Japanese cypress where customers can bathe while gazing on the scenery of the mountain behind the bathing facility.