This Web site offers coupons that can be used at tourist spots in Hyogo Prefecture. For this article, we asked Katerina to use them to experience the Hyogo Golden Route, which goes around the main tourist areas of Kobe, Himeji and Kinosaki. Here, Katerina will introduce the many attractions of Hyogo Prefecture!

This is Katerina. In my previous posts on the Hyogo Golden Route, I introduced the Kobe and Himeji areas. For this article, I'll share my experience in the final area, Kinosaki Onsen!

After enjoying the Himeji area, take a train for about 2 hours and you'll arrive at Kinosaki Onsen. With a history spanning 1300 years, when you see the charming buildings and scenery in front of the station, you'll feel so excited that you've come to an authentic hot-spring town!

1. Hot Spring Day-Trippers Can Rent Bicycles at Kinosaki Onsen Tourist Information SOZORO

For your enjoyment, Kinosaki Onsen is dotted with 7 soto-yu. These are hot spring baths which you can visit in one day without staying overnight. There is a ticket offering unlimited admission, called Yumepa. When going around these baths, it's more effective to use a bicycle than to walk! That's why day-trippers to Kinosaki Onsen should rent bicycles at Kinosaki Onsen Tourist Information SOZORO!

If you show your coupon when you rent a bicycle, you'll get a discount.

This is a famous brand bicycle, a Michelin, so it should be faster than my usual bike (lol)!

Then you can go to your inn at Kinosaki Onsen. Sink into the bath, relax, and good night!

Good morning! It's another fine day at Kinosaki Onsen!

2. Try on a Yukata Robe at Yukata Specialty Shop Iroha!

When researching what I wanted to do in Kinosaki, I found something I absolutely had to experience! That is, put on a pretty Yukata cotton robe and stroll about the hot-spring town. At Yukata specialty shop Iroha, they offer rentals and even help with properly putting it on.


How do I look? Doesn't it suit me?

3. For a Once-in-a-Lifetime Treasure, Get Photos Taken by a Pro Photographer!

When wearing a pretty Yukata, you can have a professional photographer take your photo! Just as I thought, taking pictures with a smartphone is not the same as having your photos snapped by a pro cameraman with a big, expensive camera on his arm. The finished results are completely different (lol)!

If you let the pro know about your coupon when you sign up, you can get one extra photo!

Now I'd like to share all the photos that were taken for my "once-in-a-lifetime" photo shoot! Please enjoy viewing them with Kinosaki Onsen's charming atmosphere in the background.

With this, my tour on the Hyogo Golden Route has come to an end. I could use my coupons wisely, so I am quite satisfied with this trip! Hyogo Prefecture has everything you need in a tourist destination, such as cities, nature and historical towns. You can look all over Japan, but you won't find many places like this! If you're thinking about traveling to Japan, please be sure to visit Hyogo Prefecture!