When traditional Japanese structures are contrasted with nature, the result is so beautiful! Tamba, an area on the eastern side of Hyogo Prefecture, is dotted with places where picturesque scenery can be enjoyed, especially during the month of November. That's when many travelers come to the Tamba area to see temples among autumn colors!


Address: 514 Hinokura, Aogaki-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo


Address: 983 Goyu, Hikami-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo


Address: 613-4 Kora, Hikami-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo


Address: 709 Byakugouji, Ichijima-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo

Kosanji Temple
While the fall foliage can be savored at the 4 places introduced above, I'd especially like to recommend the 5th place, Kosanji Temple.

Kosanji is a historical temple founded in 761 by the Western calendar. Go through its red gate to see stone lamps lining the path. The contrast of these historical structure and leaves colored red and yellow is superb! It seems like the entrance to another world.

Address50-1 Joraku, Hikami-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo
AccessAbout 10 minutes by taxi from Iso Station. Otherwise, using a rental car to tour all the temples in the Tamba area is recommended.