Surrounded by water, Awaji Island offers visitors the fresh bounty of the seas. Long revered by Japanese people for its "power spot", this island also boasts a park where beautiful flowers blooming in each season can be seen.
From Kobe, the metropolis of Hyogo Prefecture, Awaji Island can be accessed by renting a car or taking an express bus. This article will introduce Awaji Island's power spot, Onokorojima Shrine.

For travelers like me, Japan is such a mysterious country. In various places all over Japan, there are Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples that believers have visited for hundreds of years, and they still come to worship today.

Among shrines like these, Onokorojima Shrine is something special! It appears that this shrine was mentioned in Japan's oldest history book as the place where the island country of Japan was born!! That's why I thought I should carefully purify my body and soul with the shrine water before praying! (Lol!)

Many Japanese shrines offer their own divine favors, but Onokorojima Shrine is famous for blessing "human connections", especially of the romantic kind. Actually, I'll become a fully-fledged adult next year. In the hopes of creating various beneficial connections in my work and personal life, I put a ¥5 coin, a Japanese homophone with the meaning of making good connections, into the shrine offertory box. Besides making connections, this shrine also offers blessings for harmony within married couples and safe childbirth.

I pray with all my heart that my wish will come true.

Next to the shrine, an explanation of the divine favors is written on a sign.

Two gods, one male and the other female, gave birth to Japan. There is an old legend saying that these two married and their first child was Awaji Island.

That may be why this shrine offers blessings for connections such as marriage.

To tell you the truth, when I visited this shrine, my smartphone disconnected. Maybe this kind of thing could only happen in a "power spot"? Lol!

When traveling in Japan, why not pay homage at one of this country's foremost "power spots"?

Address415 Enami-Shimohada, Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo

Author's Introduction: Katerina
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