Awaji is an island blessed with a "power spot" long revered by locals, a park where flowers proudly blooming in every season can be appreciated, and it's also where the freshest seafood can be enjoyed, as it is surrounded by water. From Kobe, the metropolis of Hyogo Prefecture, it can be accessed by rental car or express bus. Today, I'll introduce a restaurant where delectable dishes prepared with Awaji-Gyu, the beef that's the pride of Awaji Island, can be savored.

Surrounded by the ocean, Awaji Island is famous for the seafood it produces. However, it is actually also one of the leading meat producers around Japan. In recent years, Awaji-Gyu has become popular among those who love meat. Since I am already on Awaji Island, it would be a shame if I didn't try it!

What IS Awaji-Gyu?

To be called Awaji-Gyu, a steer must have been born and raised on the island, or it must have spent more time on Awaji than in another area. Raised in the mild climate of Awaji Island, the marbling (the fat part of the meat) and red meat (the muscular part) are so fine, they look like lines. With a tenderness to rival that of the highest quality Kobe beef, yet available at a price that's somewhat more reasonable, Awaji-Gyu is becoming ever more popular.

That's why I have come to Zekkei Restaurant Uzuno-Oka, where you can savor Awaji-Gyu, along with Awaji Island's famous seafood!

Offering panoramic views of both mountains and ocean, this restaurant is really beautiful! That's another attraction you can't enjoy in the city.

There are so many dishes using Awaji beef, I don't know what to choose (Lol)!

After thinking on it for a while, I settle on this dish: Awaji Island Aka Toro-Don, or red roast beef slices on a rice bowl (¥1,600 excluding tax)!

Just by looking at it, this juicy meat whets your appetite!

The meat is absolutely delectable! When I put it into my mouth, it feels so soft. The balance between the marbling and red meat is wonderful! With just one bite, I can understand the reason for its popularity (Lol)!
By the way, hidden inside the mountain of meat is another local specialty: Awaji Island onions. I am surprised to discover such sweet onions here!

In addition to the seafood that Awaji Island is famous for, Zekkei Restaurant Uzuno-Oka offers a wide selection of dishes made with Awaji Beef. The interior is also sparkling clean, so I can highly recommend it!

Address2F Uzuno-Oka Onaruto-Bashi Kinenkan, 936-3, Hei, Fukura, Minami-Awaji-shi, Hyogo-ken
AccessRental cars are recommended. It's about 5 minutes from Awajishima-Minami Interchange.
Business HoursFrom 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
ClosedTuesdays, 1/1

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