Hyogo Prefecture is said to be the birthplace of golf in Japan, as it was where Japan’s first golf course was established in 1901. Today it is home to over 150 golf courses, from easy-to-enjoy beginners’ courses to high-level courses enjoyed by pros, the most in any one location in Japan! This time I went and visited “Aono Exercise Public Garden Aono Golf Course”!

“Aono Exercise Public Garden Aono Golf Course” is located about 1 hour from Kobe City, the heart of Hyogo Prefecture, by rental car. It’s a pleasant golf course that’s accessible to tourists thanks to its location on the way to Kinosaki Onsen and near various natural sightseeing spots in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture.

I’m not particularly good at golf, so my goal was to have fun playing without keeping score while looking out over Hyogo Prefecture’s natural beauty!

First off, I signed up at the reception desk. After that, I changed clothes in the locker room and got ready to head out to the course.

Finally, I was on my way to the golf course! I had a lot of fun driving the golf cart!

I took a commemorative photo at the first tee. I think the picture turned out really well with Japan’s beautiful nature as the backdrop!

Alright, time to take aim and try not to swing and miss…

Nice shot! I hit the ball and it flew off on a good trajectory.

I kept going, my 2nd and 3rd shots…

Oh no, my ball ended up in a bunker somehow!

Still, I did my best to get the ball back onto the course!

At long last, I made it to putting! I tried to focus really hard, wanting to get it into the hole in one swing.

Beautiful! I made it in!

It’s always fun to see historical buildings and beautiful natural scenes when visiting Japan, but golfing with friends and family can make for a great memory of your trip too! I’m just a beginner at golf, but I had a great time!

Japan, and in particular Hyogo Prefecture, is putting forth effort to help foreign visitors to enjoy golfing. I highly recommend looking into a golf course you could enjoy, such as here at Aono Exercise Public Garden Aono Golf Course, and making a reservation to add into your travel itinerary!

Address639-3 Yudanicho, Kasai City, Hyogo
AccessAbout 1 hour by rental car from Kobe City

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