Himeji City in Hyogo Prefecture is home to a variety of tourist attractions, such as the great photo spot “Himeji Castle,” “Koko-en Garden” full of traditional Japanese gardens, and the Ieshima Islands, where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and delicious seafood soup. This time, I’ll be introducing the beautiful scenery of Ie Island while biking around!

Ie Island is popular for its ease of access for a remote island and the unexpected things you can enjoy there. It takes 15 minutes by taxi to get from Himeji Station to Himeji Port. From Himeji Port you can reach the island in 20-30 minutes on an ocean liner. One boat departs each hour, so it’s easy to visit the island even for just a day trip.

There are other ships that go to Oga and Boze Island in addition to those going to Ie Island, so be sure to check which you’re boarding!

Be sure to look at the signs and make sure you’re on the right boat!

I got on the “Takafuku Liner” and headed off to the island!

Time went by so quickly while I enjoyed the view from the boat, and before I knew it, I’d arrived at Ie Island! There was a lovely ocean scent in the air!
First on the docket was renting a bicycle, so I headed to the “Ie Island Tourist Association” located inside the Ie Island plaza.

When you imagine cycling, you typically picture a bicycle. However, at the Ie Island Tourist Association you can also rent an “3-Wheel Electric Vehicle Like-T3.” If you go with one of these, even hills are easy to overcome. The Like-T3 seats up to 4 people. (Drivers must have a standard driver’s license to operate the vehicle.)

I decided to go around different sightseeing spots shown in the pamphlets I got at the tourist association. It was easy to get up the hills to places with great views with the Like-T3. This was a lovely scenic area where you could see the horizon as well as the other isolated islands nearby.

You can also have a seat on a bench and leisurely look out over the ocean.

I also visited “Miyaura Shrine.”
The shrine had a great atmosphere to it, and it felt like it was almost a lucky spot. I also made a few prayers!

I also had one more goal on this trip.
I wanted to get some “ultimate saba sushi,” the new hot product of Ie Island that’s become super popular!

Apparently various shops on the island sell different flavors of the “ultimate saba sushi.”
This time I bought mine from “Ryori Ryokan Okabe.” I’m looking forward to trying it!

I had so much fun that time just flew by, so soon enough I had to head back.

Ie Island is somewhere you can enjoy both the ocean and mountains at the same time. It’s a fishing town, so you can get a real feel for the Japanese lifestyle in the town. I recommend cycling around the island so you can experience everything up close.

Address590-7 Ieshimachomaura, Himeji City, Hyogo
Business Hours10:00am to around 4:30pm
ClosedNo scheduled holidays

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