The Tajima area, located on the northern side of Hyogo Prefecture, is full of bountiful nature and is home to so many high-quality and fresh ingredients! The area is famous for seafood such as snow crab, but you also should absolutely try the area’s Tajima beef. Tajima cattle are a type of cow with an amazing pedigree that are meticulously raised. Actually, Tajima cattle are not only classified as producing the world-famous Kobe beef, but its calves are also crossed with other breeds to make other high-class brands of cattle. So, Japanese branded beef wouldn’t even exist without Tajima cattle! This time, I visited Yumura Onsen, somewhere you can enjoy both sightseeing and Tajima beef!

Two popular onsen in the Tajima area are “Kinosaki Onsen” and “Yumura Onsen”!

The source hot spring of Yumura Onsen runs at a high 98℃, so when you get into the water your skin becomes super smooth, which is why the water here is known as “beautification water”!

The “onsen tamago” here are cooked in the hot water, and they’re a specialty of Yumura Onsen!

There’s also a foot-bath available to use free of charge!

Additionally, they are running a campaign where if you find heart-shaped items around town and turn in photos of them at the tourist association (minimum 5 different hearts), you can earn a special gift!

Please see the tourist association in the middle of the hot spring district for details on this campaign!

I got pretty hungry walking through the hot spring district! One of the Tajima beef dishes I definitely wanted to try while I was here was the kushiyaki (skewers) from “Sumibi Kushiyaki Hiyokko-ya.” They’re available for takeout, which makes them easy to eat on the go, but the flavor is the real thing! The flavor of the high-class meat was on-par with what you’d find in a classy yakiniku restaurant!

In the photo I have a large skewer, which cost 1,000 yen!

Address: 99-3 Yu, Mikatagun Shinonsencho, Hyogo

Another restaurant that uses Tajima beef I wanted to try was the butcher-run “Tajima Beef Hamada.” Here you can get croquettes made with ground 100% Tajima beef to-go! The croquettes were super juicy and delicious!

Address: 81 Yu, Mikatagun Shinonsencho, Hyogo

Yumura Onsen has a lot of great accommodations available, so please consider staying overnight too!

Address98 Yu, Mikatagun Shinonsencho, Hyogo

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