The Tajima area is located on the northern side of Hyogo Prefecture, and you can enjoy delicious seafood year-round there thanks to its various fishing ports. Out of all the available seafood, though, I recommend the luxurious ingredient crab the most! There are many varieties of crabs, but the best you’ll find around Tajima is their snow crab! Snow crab is in season from November through March, so it’s a limited-time luxury you’ll only find fresh during that period! Whether you boil, steam, or grill it, the crab’s flavor is sure to shine through.

I came all the way to Hyogo Prefecture’s beloved “Kinosaki Onsen” to eat snow crab! Many restaurants and lodging facilities here offer fresh and delicious snow crab dishes thanks to the area’s proximity to the ocean.

This time, I decided to enjoy my snow crab at a restaurant in Kinosaki Onsen! (^▽^)
There was so much meat in the leg, and the sweet, refined flavor was so condensed! I’ve had other types of crab before, but this seemed particularly luxurious.

This time I had my crab as sashimi, but apparently there is an inn in the area where the chef skillfully prepares the snow crab in a variety of ways, like grilling, boiling, as tempura, and in a hot pot!

Be sure to enjoy delicious snow crab, also known as the “delicious king of winter,” here at Kinosaki Onsen!

AccessKinosakicho, Toyooka City, Hyogo

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